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The following terms and conditions apply to all pre-orders made by the customer (hereinafter referred to as "you") from KK, (hereinafter referred to as "KK" or "we"), via KK’s website or mobile website (collectively referred to as the "Website") for products that at the time of pre-order have not yet been shipped or that are temporarily not in stocked on the Website.

By placing a pre-order, you agree to be bound by these Terms for pre-ordering products, and KK’s standard Purchase Terms.


When you place a pre-order, your contact information must be correct and up to date. If we do not have correct or updated contact information, we can not inform you about your pre-order. You can update your contact information at any time before sending your product by sending an email to

Please note that pre-orders cannot be transferred to another person.


When you make a pre-order, you must pay the full price for the ordered products as well as any delivery fees. Please note that as with all orders to be sent to a delivery address outside the UK, pre-ordered products may incur import duties, duties and taxes that you are required to pay.


Pre-ordered products are sent, subject to availability, as soon as possible. Please note that the shipment dates and dates for when the products are available may change and we are not responsible for any changes to such dates.


Either party can cancel a pre-order at any time, without giving a reason, before you have received notification from us that the pre-ordered product has been sent ("Shipping notice"). If cancellation occurs before we send the shipping notification, you are entitled to a full refund for your pre-order. If you want to cancel the purchase after we have sent the shipping message to you, the conditions for the right of withdrawal apply according to the Terms of Service.

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